Digitizing Rental Process

Simpler, faster
home renting

Tenere is a cutting-edge platform simplifying and digitizing the long term home renting process.

For a pleasant rental experience, give it a try. Its FREE!

Truthful & Accurate Listings

We verify each listing to make sure only the “real stuff” makes it to our platform.

Search for the Perfect Home

Our listings include all the important details you would ever want to know when looking for a home.

Hassle Free Viewings

With Tenere simply build up your viewing agenda and visit properties you are interested in.

Fast & Direct Communication

Reach out easily and directly to homeowners through Tenere’s secure in-app messaging.

Renting out your long term residential property?

Create Listings For FREE

Publishing a property on Tenere takes less than 2 minutes. No bureaucracy, no long subscription forms, no charges…

Arrange Viewings Without Any Efforts

Save loads of time with Tenere’s digital viewing appointment system. On your terms, at your convenience.

Quick Screening of Renters

Tenere equips you with the information to see if the fit with your potential renter is right.

Fast & Direct Communication

Reach out easily and directly to renters through Tenere’s secure in-app messaging.

Purpose-Built for Breakthroughs

Real estate is slow, old-school and boring.

At Tenere we want to move it forward with the power of technology.

What Our Users
Have to Say

Janneke Veerman, Homeowner

I am renting my apartment for the first time and decided to rent it out directly myself. Making the listing was fast and easy. I had so many people applying, I got my place rented in 4 days.

Peter Langedijk, Broker

I deal with many phone calls and emails to arrange viewings for my portfolio. Finally an app that automizes this process so that I can focus on the nicer parts of my job.

Steve Clapham, Expat - Looking for a Place

The listings are self explanatory and accurate. I felt really blessed to be able to find properties with viewings outside of busy office hours.

Sergio Ruiz, Student - Looking for a Place

Cool app, I always questioned why finding a place had to be so old fashioned.